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Ritual disguise the Bulgarian folk culture comes from pagan time in which the soldier is entered into the skin of an animal totem, he is looking for the place in the cosmic order, and establishing the magic "balance" in nature.
In ancient pagan times, the man is believed that the world of the living and ancestry are one. In his ideology was the leading idea of the fertility of the land, people and animals. Convinced that
his ancestors have supernatural force required to produce this fertility, he sought them in connection with every important moment of his life. The mask was a means to move beyond"to contribute to their welfare. It stands on the border between two worlds, it incorporates the human to beyond and makes it possible to obey the forces which otherwise he is subservient in his daily live.
Masked performers are called survashkari, bear-leader, kapachi, brazaya, klandza, dzhamaldzhii, babugeri, elders,
cameleer and others. The main idea in their ritual act exorcism of unclean forces, which in this period come from the world of the dead and may harm the human.Only protected are masked. They have become "something else" and have gained untouchability. They received power to keep others from the harmful influence of the mysterious, unknown demons. Masks in most cases are terrible and chasing.



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