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Furriery is one of the most ancient occupations in Dobrudja that has been developed mostly in the towns. Around 1940 in Dobrich there were about 50 furriers that sewed fur coats and small goods mostly with customer's materials. Later this occupation expanded, received small orders and that caused the need of processing the skins.

On 7 April 1947 was founded the first organized co-operation TPK "SVOBODA", that consisted of 8-9 persons. Founders participated in the co-operation with their own inventory and share capital.

Co-operation developed fast and around 1949 it already consisted 32 persons. A department for skin processing was made. The ready production started to be exported to Romania, Poland and Czechoslovakia.

Later began a tendency to establish more powerful production economic groups and shoemakers, furriers and saddlers incorporated in one co-operation named TPK "PARVI MAY". Co-operation developed successfully in the course of time and furriery was formed as a profitable activity.

In 1972 furriery split as an independent specialized factory and on 1 January 1973 factory "SVOBODA" passed in subjection of the State Economic Union "PIRIN" - Sofia.

From 1 April 1986 Furrier Factory "SVOBODA" was in subjection of Economic Combine "VIHREN" - Sofia.

On 29 March 1989 the District Court of Tolbuhin registered State Company "SVOBODA" situated in Tolbuhin (Dobrich).

On 7 June 1994 State Company "SVOBODA" was converted into Sole Public Limited Company "SVOBODA".

On 12 December 1997 the District Court of Dobrich decided the company to be converted to Joint Stock Company "SVOBODA.

Nowadays "SVOBODA" JSC is the biggest producer of fur skins and fur articles in Bulgaria.



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